Flight Information

Please depart the United States on an overnight flight, around 10:00 PM to
11:00 PM, to Lima Peru. Arrive at the Jorge Chavez International Airport
early in the morning around 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM. Depart from any of the
following airports: JFK, Newark Airport, LaGuardia, or any international
airport near you. The following airlines fly to Peru:
Jet Blue*
American Airlines
LATAM Airlines
*Currently, JetBlue has published flights through October 2019 to Peru. We
anticipate that flights for November 2019 on JetBlue will be made available
within the next month or two.

Plan to arrive in Lima Peru around 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM in the morning (see
Arrival In Lima Peru below for more instructions once you arrive). Please
plan to arrive in Cusco before noon. To book a domestic flight from Lima to
Cusco Peru, book your flight on one of the following airlines:
LATAM Perú ( www.latam.com ),
Peruvian Airlines ( www.peruvian.pe )
Star Perú ( www.starperu.com
Avianca ( www.avianca.com )


Please depart the United States on an overnight flight to Lima Peru. Arrive
at the Jorge Chavez International Airport early in the morning around
5:30 AM. During your international flight the stewardesses will give you two
forms to fill out: Andean Immigration Card (“Tarjeta Andina de Migracion”),
and the Baggage Declaration Form (Declaracion Jrada de Equipaje).
Please complete these before you land and hand these over to Customs

after you pick up your luggage.


After passing through Customs go directly towards the national flight counters (click on the link below to see the Check-In National and International (pink area) on the map, see link below)
to check-in with your national flight to Cusco, then after receiving your boarding pass go up to the second floor to enter the Security Check area for your flight to Cusco. Please go to www.limaeasy.com to see a color coded map of the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

In the Andes we will be traveling from elevations of 7,500 to 11,200 ft above sea level.  The city of Cusco sits at an altitude of 10,800 ft above sea level and its climate is an average low of 32 to 39 degrees 0F, and an average high of 66 to 68 degrees 0F from May to September, but these
temperatures can go higher or lower and the weather can change very quickly.  July is the coolest month with an average of 49.30F, and these temperatures cool down in the evening.  From May to October, considered the dry season, the days are typically clear with occasional clouds and
precipitation in the afternoons, and temperatures during the day can be quite warm as the Sun is strong in the high altitudes.  Rainfall is more common during the months of December to April. Machu Picchu sits 7,900 ft. above sea level on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley. We may
experience mist or rain, and wet grounds during the tour.  At Machu Picchu Sanctuary there may be a mist in the air in the morning and you may need a light rain cover. Usually, by the afternoon the mist evaporates and the skies clear and the temperatures rise.


In the city of Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Pisaq and at Machu Picchu you will walk and perhaps hike for an hour or more with stops in between.  At Machu Picchu and some of the other sites and including the towns, some of the walking/hiking may include short and long, steep ascents and descents, climbing several flights of stairs, some uneven in size, and navigating uneven terrain indoors and uneven rocky terrain outdoors. 

The high altitude can cause altitude sickness because the air is thin.  It is important to drink a lot of water before, during and after the trip.  Smoking and alcohol will dehydrate the body.  If your body works too hard then you can get sick.  Rest on the first day is recommended so that your body

acclimates.  We also recommend light aerobic conditioning such as daily longs walks before the trip.


Information on Securing Entrance Tickets to Machu Picchu:  Following the recent UNESCO recommendations, the Peruvian government has placed limits on the number of visitations to Machu Picchu, the sacred sanctuary of the Incas: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/274.  


Effective immediately, visitors are required to have entrance tickets for their specific date of visit before they arrive.  No more than 2,500 people per day are allowed to enter the ruins. While these restrictions are good and preserve the site, they cause difficulties in our ability to visit them, so we recommend that you book with us ASAP so that we will have plenty of time to secure your tickets for you. 

In addition, these changes impact on the availability of train tickets to the town of Aguas Calientes, the train-stop of Machu Picchu.  Apart from walking the Inca Trail, there is no other way to get to Machu Picchu except by train.  Therefore, we recommend a minimum of three months advance
reservations (90 days) for these trips to ensure that we are able to visit this site.  In order to purchase tickets on your behalf we must have your name as it appears on your passport and your valid passport number.


Note: Itinerary is subject to change. Among other things changes can be due to such things as bad weather conditions, unforeseen situations, strikes, and acts of nature. If this should happen then the schedule could change or we may visit different sites.

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