What to Bring to Peru


  • Layering is the best way to stay comfortably warm in the Andes as it is cold in the mornings and at night. It is warm during the day.

  • Warm jacket.

  • Hat with brim to protect from the Sun, scarf, gloves.

  • Watch with alarm (essential).

  • Human and environmentally friendly and organic Sun Block.

  • Chap stick.

  • Walking, trekking, hiking waterproof footware.

  • Thin light-weight plastic rain cover may be needed.

  • Sun glasses.

  • Ear Plugs.

  • Personal Toiletries: soap, toothpaste, etc. Note: do not pack anything liquids/gels/toothpaste over 3.3 oz (100 ml) in your carryon. You will not be allowed to bring it on the plane.



  • Your contact information.

  • Passport which is valid for at least six (6) full months after the intended date of departure from Peru.

  • Cash, spending money (all bills must be in very good condition with no folds or rips on them).

  • Money belt and or flat breast pouch to keep your money and passport.

  • Non-disposable Water Bottle (empty when traveling on flights).

  • Camera and batteries (Note: all batteries that you take into Peru must also leave Peru when you leave. Peru does not have a battery recycling program.)



1) Pack light.  Bring one carryon bag and a back pack.  Call your airline to ask what the dimensions of the carryon are and pack accordingly.  Do expect for your bags to be checked at Customs when you arrive in Peru.  Do not bring any food into Peru as it will be taken away.


2) Do not pack any tube or bottle with liquid (tooth paste, sun block, or shampoo) that is over 3 oz.  You will not be able to carry on anything over 3.3 fluid oz, or 100 mil.  Bottles with water on carry-on bags are not allowed.  Please check with your airline to ask if there are restrictions on what you may bring in your carry-on bags.  


3) Plan on bringing cash for anything you may want to purchase and bring back with you, such as arts and crafts.  Anything additional that you might want to purchase or do such as stopping off at an internet café to send emails, bathing in the Hot Springs at Aguas Clientes, purchasing drinks, etc.


4) Important - Any American dollars that you bring into Peru should be in very good shape, no creases, no folds, no tears, no nicks.  They should be in mint condition or new.  These are the only kinds of bills that Peru will accept for money exchange, otherwise you may have difficulty changing money there.  You can ask your bank ahead of time to have X amount of new bills for you. When you go to pick them up, check everyone of them to make sure that they are all in good shape.


5) It is best not to bring anything of valuable or anything that you do not want to lose on this trip.  WBAI JOURNEYS is not responsible for anything that is lost.

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